Konedata is a non-commercial Finnish site for farmers and other people who are searching technical data and information of tractors and combine harvesters. An English version of this site is not planned.

Technical data is based on sales brochures and data is valid for tractors/combines sold in Finland. Models with ”ei FIN” are not sold in Finland and the data is taken from Swedish, German or British brochures.

The main differences of tractors sold in Finland are:

  • safety cabins were obligatory since 1968 and many cabins were made in Finland (weights and heights are stated with safety cabin apart from numbers that are in parenthesis)
  • max. 85 dB noise level since 1979
  • many tractors were/are equipped with bigger tyres in Finland
  • many big tractor models were not sold here before 1990’s
  • mainly only well equipped tractors with flat cabin floor sold here
  • many brands not imported (Renault, Steyr, Landini etc.), market share of Valmet/Valtra over 40 %
  • the main brands in the 60’s/70’s/80’s were Valmet, Ford, MF, other important brands were Fiat, International, Leyland, David Brown/Case and Zetor.

The main differences of combines sold in Finland are:

  • many combines were/are equipped with bigger tyres in Finland
  • some models were sold with a more effective engine
  • many combine models with more than 15′ cutting width were not sold here before 1990’s, still the biggest models are not sold here
  • limited selection of brands sold in Finland: market share of Sampo is since beginning of the 1990’s 60 % and Claas 30 %. Other brands are New Holland and John Deere. Earlier also Massey Ferguson (not Dronningborg made) and small models of Fahr were sold.

Translation of some Finnish terms used in technical data:

sähk. electrical
öljyk. levy(j.) oil bath disc brakes
kuivat levy(j.) dry disc brakes
mek. levy(j.) mechanical disc brakes
tehost. power steering
rumpuj. drum brake
vannej. band brake
hammasl. differential lock with cogs
kitkaj. friction brake
lisäv. optional
ositt. partially
jousi spring
kaasukello compressed gas spring
ei ohj. not in cabin
muutin ohj. adjuster in cabin
hihnap. by changing belt pulleys
ketjupyörät chain wheels
avaimella with spanner
reiät holes
vaihd. changeable
sääd. adjustable
lieriö(tä) cylinder(s)
pöytä cutting table

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